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KODA is the winner of the '100 best goods of Ukraine' contest

26 January 2012

Wagon scales for static weighing KODA-W modification TWS product of UA Company "KODA" ltd has a modern modular design, which provides a low material consumption, easy transportation, installation and operation.

This product designed and made by specialists of "KODA", won the contest "100 best goods of Ukraine ", combining high quality and reasonable price, and once again confirmed its market leadership in weighing technology.

More than 1,500 companies from all regions of Ukraine are taking part in the competition "100 best goods of Ukraine", which is officially organized by Derzhspozhyvstandart of Ukraine. This competition makes high demands on applicants and their products, pursuing the following objectives:

- Identification of the best examples of high quality and competitive domestic products on the market of Ukraine;

- Increasing consumer confidence in domestically produced goods;

- Formation of the buyer’s confidence that products of winners are protected against forgery;

- Creating a positive corporate image.

The independent expert committee was appointed, to determine the level of product quality provided for the competition. The aim of this committee was:

- Multistage evaluation of the information provided by various criteria;

- Check of the documents confirming the quality of components and finished products in general;

- Verification of certificates and awards that have these products;

- Comparing prices and quality of scales with the best analogues, as well as availability on the national market;

- The presence / absence of claims and complaints from consumers and regulatory agencies;

- Acquaintance with the geography of sales and level of export opportunities of the enterprise;

- Customer satisfaction based on feedback;

- Availability of certified quality management system, etc.

The firm "KODA" was a winner of this contest at the regional and Ukrainian national levels in previous contests. In 2004 and 2009 the best product of Ukraine was Module A weighbridges and in 2005 - the wagon scales became the best product of Kharkiv Region.

The company "KODA" once again confirmed the high quality of its products, gathering a collection of awards in the All-Ukrainian competition "100 best goods of Ukraine". We are proud of the results of our operations and continue to work hard to maintain a high level of our company.