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Weighbridges and platform scales have successfully passed the planned state control tests

25 December 2014

Weighbridges (KODA-A) and platform scales(KODA-P) manufactured by Company KODA  successfully passed the State control tests and confirmed the metrological characteristics and compliance with the new Ukrainian standards and technical regulations.

Scales are added into the state register of measurement equipment of Ukraine under the following new numbers:

1. Weighbridges for static weighing KODA-A - Y1989-14.

2. Platform scales for static weighing  KODA-P - Y1990-14.

  • CERTUS Balance
    CERTUS Balance

    Лабораторные весы

  • KGW

    Крановые весы для тяжелых условий эксплуатации, включая взвешивание жидкого металла