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Modern means of measuring equipment


KODA invites you to visit our stand at the exhibition «Fat and Oil Industry 2018»

18 September 2018

KODA, one of the leading suppliers of control and measuring equipment in the Ukraine, has the honor to invite you and your employees to visit our stand №А29 at the exhibition "Fat and Oil Industry 2018".

On our stand you will be presented with:

  1. Equipment for measuring and signaling the level of substances by VEGA (Germany) - a recognized leader in the development and production of level transmitters and level detectors for all types of bulk products and liquids, as well as pressure sensors and equipment for integration into industrial control systems.
  2. Flowmeters and rotameters by ASA s.r.l. (Italy) to measure the flow of various types of liquids and gases, transmitted through pipes of both large and small diameters.
  3. Equipment for measuring pressure and temperature by WIKA (Germany) - world-known manufacturer of mechanical pressure gauges and thermometers, electronic pressure and temperature sensors, instruments for testing, verification and calibration.
  4. Wide range of weight equipment: automobile scales, carload weights for static and dynamic weighing, bunker scales, dispensers, platform scales, sets for modernization of existing mechanical and electronic platforms or bunker weights, special weight systems.
  5. Software for automation and calculating of various processes of weighing, prevention of human factor influence and abuse.