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GLOBAL Advantage

Hexagon MI DEA (Italy)

GLOBAL Advantage
GLOBAL Advantage

GLOBAL Advantage - highest accuracy and performance.

GLOBAL Advantage is a coordinate measuring machine that provides the highest accuracy, dynamic characteristics and performance. The performance of this CMM was provided by a profound modernization, including the use of optimized displacement algorithms, more sophisticated software and the use of a new electronic controller. CMM of this type is an ideal tool for dimensional control of machine parts with strict tolerance requirements, complex profile parts and parts with complex arbitrary shapes such as turbine blades, gears, compressor parts with a screw rotor and so on. With GLOBAL Advantage, production processes can be performed in a precise control mode.

GLOBAL Advantage offers a multi-sensor technology, which is applicable with a wide variety of measuring devices. The machine can also be equipped with fixed scanning measuring heads, which are distinguished by high accuracy and repeatability in measurements, and also by elongated sensor holders.

The new adaptive scanning functional unit of the PC-DMIS Adaptive Scanning type provides users with simple and effective achievement of the best performance for scanning measurements.

The use of the standard CLIMA temperature compensation system in all GLOBAL Advantage machines guarantees high measurement accuracy also in the temperature range from 16 ° C to 26 ° C.

Features and Benefits:

  • First-class precision and excellent dynamic characteristics;
  • Highest performance when scanning;
  • Multi-probe technology provides support for a wide variety of applications: from point-to-point measurements to most kinds of critical contact and non-contacting scanning measurements;
  • Adaptive Scanning unit PC-DMIS is applied to achieve the best performance by setting the modes with a few clicks of the mouse pointer button;
  • Completely aluminum, especially rigid, frame construction;
  • Patented TRICISION design with triangular cross-section ensures optimum "stiffness-mass" ratio for unambiguous accuracy and long-term stability;
  • The particularly rigid spindle of a large cross-section along the Z axis optimizes the use of measuring tools with vertical extension;
  • High resolution scales;
  • The design with a monolithic table, with patented "dovetail" type guides, made of granite by high-precision machining methods to improve accuracy and repeatability of measurements;
  • Ergonomic and intuitive universal Universal JogBox with a pictographic interface, additional PC-DMIS interactive tools for optimal performance in the production flow system;
  • Additional Kit Safety-Kit for laser scanner, which provides automatic maximization of system efficiency;
  • Constructive temperature compensation system of CLIMA brand (in the range of 16 ° C - 26 ° C);
  • Continuous access to the work area from all sides;
  • Minimum surface area for easy installation in confined spaces.


Measuring range (in mm)
500 500 — 700 500
700 700 — 1000 500 — 660
900 1200 — 1500 — 2000 800
1200 1500 — 2200 — 3000 1000
1500 2000 — 2600 — 3300 1350
2000 3300 — 4000 1500
Measuring error MPEE: от 1,4 + L/333 mkm

More information about the software for working with this equipment can be found in the section "Software and Automation Systems" or go to: Software for CMM, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

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