ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Laser profilometer of the surface of the tramway wheel pairs

Рифтэк (Belarus)

Laser profilometer of the surface of the tramway wheel pairs
Laser profilometer of the surface of the tramway wheel pairs

The laser profilometer is designed to measure:
  • heights of the comb (rolled);
  • thickness of the comb;
  • the steepness of the comb;
  • removing and analyzing the complete surface profile of the wheel;
  • support of the electronic database on the wear of wheel sets;
  • conducting admission control and sorting during technical inspection, inspection, repair and formation of tramway wheel sets.

How it works
The operator places the device on the wheel being measured. On command from a PTC (personal tablet computer) or PC, the built-in laser module (similar to a laser triangulation sensor of the RF603 series) makes non-contact scanning of the wheel surface. The measurement results (geometric parameters and surface profile) are displayed on the PTC display, can be stored in the PTC memory and transferred to the PC database. At the same time, additional parameters are stored: operator number, side identifier (left or right wheel), axle number, locomotive (wagon) number, wheel pair number, etc.

Parameter Value
Measuring range
comb height, mm: 20 … 45
comb thickness, mm 20 … 50
steepness of the comb, mm: 1 … 15
Bandage thickness, mm: 36 … 100 (30 ... 90)
Measuring error
comb height, mm: ± 0,1
comb thickness, mm: ± 0,1
steepness of the comb, mm: ± 0,2
Bandage thickness, mm: ± 0,5
Indication discreet, mm 0,01
Range of profile construction, mm: 145
Discrete construction of the profile, not worse, mm: 0,1
Dimensions of the indication device (PTC),mm: 112,5 × 95,5 × 22,7
Dimensions of the laser scaning module, mm: 201 × 114 × 54
Power supply of the laser module: 4,8В (4 batteries type ААА 1,2В)
Power supply of the PTC: Li-polimer battery 3,7В 3300mAh
Number of measurements without recharging, no less: 1000
Memory of the indication device: 100 000 measurements
Laser profilometer interface: Bluetooth
Process temperature range, °С: -15 … +35
Protection class: IP42

Supply kit

Marking Name Number Mass, kg
РФ303М Indication device (PTC) 1 0,3
РФ505 Laser scaning module 1 0,8
РФ505.40 Charging device 9V 3.0A for PTC 1 0,2
РФ505.41 Charging device 9V 3.0A for laser module 1 0,2
РФ505.42 Data transfer cable 1
РФ505.43 Bluetooth - module 1
РФ505.30 Case 1 1,2
IKP5_DB Database support software (CD-disc) 1
РФ505РЭ Manual 1

Calibration tools (optional):

РФ505.11 Calibration unit
РФ505Calibr Calibration software

Additional information