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Duplicate display KODA KT2 for wagon scales


"Duplicate display" is intended for display of numerical information on the screen from super bright LED seven-segment matrices transmitted over a cable up to 1000 m from the control device. It displays 3 lines of 6 symbols plus 2 special indicators "arrow". Displayed symbols: numbers, letters A, b, c, d, E, F, symbol "minus". The transmission of information on the scoreboard is via the RS-485 interface in a special format. The scoreboard can be permanently installed both indoors and outdoors. A special technology used in creating matrixes of indicators allows to achieve high brightness and wide viewing angle. Smooth brightness adjustment is provided.

Dimensions, mm 400 × 560 × 95
Supply voltage, V 220 V, 50 Hz (permissible differential 30 %)
Symbol height, mm 75
LED power, kD 2,5
Power consumption, W not more than 25
Viewing angle 170
Operating temperature range, Ѱ 30 + 55
Glow color green / red
Management RS-232C, RS-485 or Ethernet TCP/IP
Housing aluminum profile + plexiglas + composite
Displayed data Wagon weight, first trolley mass, second trolley weight, longitudinal displacement direction or other options

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