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RS6 Laser Scanner

ROMER (France)

RS6 Laser scanner
RS6 Laser scanner

The RS6 Laser Scanner is the flagship 3D scanning sensor for Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems. Using cutting-edge blue-laser technology and advanced programming, it combines ‘always-on’ maximum performance with simple usability to deliver much improved productivity in high-performance non-contact measurement. It’s 3D laser scanning, but better.

With the RS6, high-speed 3D scanning comes without performance degradation on any surface, whatever the finish or material. With an ultra-wide and horizontally-oriented laser scan line and fully-automatic exposure settings, 3D digitisation is faster, easier and more accurate.

Powered by our innovative SHINE – Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination – technology, the RS6 Laser Scanner has no hidden settings that limit speed and scan-line width in order to deliver peak accuracy. The RS6 delivers full performance at all times – maximum frame rate at maximum laser width for maximum productivity.

The RS6 scanner can also be easily removed from the Absolute Arm, to allow easier and safer access to touch probing functionality in hard-to-reach areas. It can then be remounted with no need for recalibration – thanks to its completely repeatable mounting, you just clip it back in place and continue 3D scanning immediately.

The RS6 Laser Scanner is the pinnacle of 3D scanner technology for portable measuring arms, and in combination with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers the ultimate all-round portable measurement solution for small-to-medium components.

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