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Counting scales Jadever JPC

Jadever (Taiwan)

Counting electronic platform scales of increased accuracy, JPC series
Counting electronic platform scales of increased accuracy, JPC series

Counting with electronic scales is accurate, economical and efficient. Size and shape of the products do not matter. Only requirement - the mass of products should be approximately the same. The average weight is determined by pre-weighing a known number of products or by typing from the keyboard.


  • stainless steel platform;
  • transport staples between the base and the platform;
  • waterproof strain gauge (protection class IP 66);
  • three liquid crystal displays with backlight;
  • powered by 220 V and from a rechargeable built-in battery (up to 100 hours of continuous operation before recharging);
  • built-in battery charger.

Main functions:

  • sampling tare to 100% of NWL: entering tare values in two ways - by weighing or from keyboard;
  • counting mode: used when weighing samples of the same mass; The total weight of the samples to be weighed is displayed on the right display, on the average - the mass of one sample, on the left - the number of samples;
  • ACAI function (Accurate Unit Weigh Available) - high sample count accuracy with automatic counting accuracy (as objects are added, the mass is automatically recalculated, the data on the unit is updated);
  • summation of weighing results (up to 99);
  • percentage weighting ;
  • Manual dosing function : the balance beeps when the setpoints (dosing range) are entered;


    • setting the time period for automatic shutdown in the absence of calls to the scales;
    • setting up automatic zero tracking.

    Main specifications:

    Model JPС-1560Т JPС-3015Т
    Measuring range, kg 0,2…150 0,4…300
    Discreteness of count, g 10 20
    Platform size, mm 420 x 520
    Mass of scales, kg 17

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