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Modern means of measuring equipment

Systems for machining centers and milling machines

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

NC4 system
NC4 system

The tool setting systems provide a time saving of up to 90% compared to the time spent on manual setting on the machine. In addition, they can detect a faulty instrument. Renishaw offers a series of contactless adjustment and control systems for the cutting tool NC and contact systems - TS27. These models can be used on any machining centers and CNC milling machines.

The laser beam or the measuring probe of these systems is actually the base point on the machine. When the probe tool (laser beam) touches, the position of the machine axes is fixing, and the position of the cutting edge of the tool is recording. If necessary, coordinates of additional points are taken to determine the tool dimensions. Measurement is carried out without turning off the rotation of the cutting tool and applying lubricating-cooling agent.

TS27R system
TS27R system

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