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System of diagnostics of metal cutting equipment Ballbar QC10

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

Systems of calibration and diagnostics of production equipment System of diagnostics of metal cutting equipment Ballbar QC10

In order to perform an operational check of the main operational and precision characteristics of metal cutting machines, Renishaw has developed a unique "Ballbar QC10" system. To test a process unit, it only takes a test to take about 20 minutes. Quick and easy installation is done using software that step by step guides the operator.

System element (high-precision inductive sensor) is mounted between two magnetic bearings, providing the spindle connection to the machine table. The machine sequentially performs two circles with a given radius equivalent to the base length of the sensor: one for data collection in the clockwise direction, and the second for counterclockwise (G02, G03). During the test, the sensor accurately measures any deviations from the nominal radius of the preset circle.

Software "Ballbar 5" analyzes the characteristics of the machine based on the results of a series of dynamic tests, in accordance with ISO, JIS and ASME standards, and issues its own reports on the Renishaw system. Along with this, advanced mathematical methods for determining the sources of specific errors are used. An effective analysis algorithm allows you to classify each error according to its weight in the total error of the machine. The total error is estimated by deviation from roundness and positioning error.

Online guide explains the possible causes of each type of error and gives recommendations on the best way to resolve them. Therefore, accurate identification of specific equipment defects allows for efficient and targeted maintenance, thereby reducing downtime.

The graphs and reports displayed on the screen can be printed or saved for future viewing and statistics.

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