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Modification TWD

КОДА (Ukraine)

Wagon scales for weighing in static and dynamic modes KODA-WD modification TWD
Wagon scales for weighing in static and dynamic modes KODA-WD modification TWD

Our company offers wagon scales for weighing wagons separately in dynamic mode. These scales will have less accuracy then static one, though if the cargo flow is great it allows to reduce time of weighing. During weighing the wagon has to move with speed from 3 to 8 km/h. On the 100 m area before and after scales, where the scales are located should´t be arrows and slopes.

Passing the platform the wagons and locomotives may move with speed not more than 25 km/h.

It is supplied electronic system, which allows to determine the direction of movement, number of axles in the train, number of wagons, the mass of each wagon, the speed of each wagon, the total weight of the wagons, to print measurement results, make reports of wagons passed through the scales for any period of time.

Supplied software TWKODA, is to automotive the weighing process of the railway wagon in static and dynamic modes. This program is based on years of experience of manufacturing wagon scales and software to them and meets all the requirements of large and small businesses, which need to organize accounting of incoming and outgoing goods traffic going through the car scales.

The results of weighing are transferring into PC and then the data can be transferred into the system of enterprise management.

At your request wagon scales can be equipped with rail traffic control and recognition of wagon´s numbers.

The movement control system of railway transport allows:

  • video monitoring of railways, video fixation of weighing;
  • automatic number recognition of freight wagons by video monitoring. The recognition is in a real time and the results are immediately displayed on the operator´s monitor;
  • automatically evaluate the pouring liquid level in tanks (in the presence of a thermal imager);
  • recording the results of recognizing to the special data base – protocol;
  • perform operative search of linertrains and individual wagons on the protocol with ability to render the corresponding video fragment;
  • generate reports on data from the protocol, including a summary.

Wagon scales TWD, as well as weightbridges, are supplied with analog load cells CPR manufactured by Bilanciai (Italy). This company is a leading manufacturer of weighbridges and wagon scales in Europe. Load cell housing is made of stainless steel. Cover protection of load cells - IP68.

The specialists of our company make the full cycle of works, from design works to delivery, installation and commissioning works. Our company gives warranty and makes post-warranty service.

Warranty period - 18 months from the date of commissioning.

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