ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Ohaus Corporation (Switzerland)

Analytical balances DISCOVERY series

Discovery scale (DV) - a new model of analytical balances, which is replacing time-tested and easy to use model Analytical Plus (AP) . Scales DV have accurate metrological characteristics and a complete set of advanced functions. Weighing cell of a new generation and automatic internal calibration with two built-in weights provide unbeatable metrological parameters, making a series of scales Discovery leader among the balance of this class.


  • tare sample;
  • counting function;
  • automatic zeroing and tare;
  • automatic calibration when the temperature of the environment changes;
  • percentage weighting;
  • dynamic weighing;
  • displaying results of measurements in different units of mass;
  • measurement protocol in accordance with GLP;
  • statistical processing of weighing results;
  • multiple users function;
  • pipette calibration;
  • density measurement of the sample using a special kit and firmware;
  • protection against unauthorized access.

Key features:

  • robust metal housing;
  • high-class steel platform;
  • high protective cover;
  • bidirectional interface RS232;
  • large two-line display with backlit and built-in user support program;
  • stability indicator;
  • centering device.

Separately available:

  • plastic screen protection;
  • calibration loads;
  • transport case;
  • cable for interface RS232;
  • set for density determination;
  • portable printer;
  • protective ("antitheft") device.

Scales are manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with international ISO 9001.

Model Max, g. Increment, g. Linearity in operation, g. Accuracy class Platform diameter, mm. Dimensions, mm.
DV114C 110 0,0001 ±0,0003 2 90 200х300х457
DV214C 210 0,0001 ±0,0003 2 90 200х300х457
DV314C 310 0,0001 ±0,0005 2 90 200х300х457
DV215CD 81 / 210 0,00001 / 0,0001 ±0,0001 / 0,0003 1 90 200х300х457

Scale accuracy class "I" according to DSTU EN 45501: 2007

Scales are manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the international ISO 9001 certificate.

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