ISO 9001:2008
Modern means of measuring equipment


JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany (Germany)
The novelty in this class - a portable device for measuring roughness HOMMEL TESTER W5 is more compact and lighter than any other model in its class. It is easy to use, has a color display with a graphical interface and convenient controls.

The device controls all major roughness parameters and verifies compliance with the results of measurement tolerance. Results may be stored in a memory device and further processed using software EVOVIS mobile.

HOMMEL TESTER W5 can be connected to a wireless printer HOMMEL-ETAMIC P5 via Bluetooth.

Main features and specifications:

Accuracy class according to DIN 4772 1
Measuring range/resolution 320 microns (-210/+110)/5 nm
Probe Inductive, 2 mkm/90⁰/td>
Units m/mkinch (optional)
Tracing length, mm: 17,5
The length of the tracing according to ISO/JIS, mm: 1,5/4,8/15
Trim (ISO/JIS), mm: 0,25/0,8/2,5
Number of areas 1 … 5 (на вибір)
Filter phase filter of the profile (Gauss) according to DIN EN ISO 11562;
filter according to ISO 13565-1;
λs filter according to DIN EN ISO 3274.
Tracing speed, mm/sec:
Return speed, mm/sec
0,15 / 0,5 / 1
The interval between the points min, mkm: 0,5 (9600 points with the path length 4.8 mm)
Battery type lithium-ion
Number of measurements per battery charge 800
Battery charging time, h: 4
Built-in memory 5 measuring programs;
to 100 profiles;
to 10,000 samples
Operating temperature ⁰С: /td> +5 … +40
Dimensions H×W×L mm: 50×63×127,5
Weight, g: 270
Interfaces USB, Bluetooth/td> USB, Bluetooth
Power supply voltage, V: 100 … 264
Measured parameters
According to ISO 4287 Ra, Rz, Rmax(Rt), Rq, RSm, Rmr(c), Rp
According to ISO 13565 Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2
According to ISO 12085 R, AR, Rx
According to ASME B46 Rp, Rpm
According to JIS B601 Rz-JIS, Ry (corresponds Rz), tp (corresponds Rmr)
According to DIN EN 10049 RPc

Simplicity and convenience Functional design provides superior ease of use - the device conveniently and safety located in your hand during measurements. Colour display with graphical user interface makes the process simple and straightforward measurements.

Mobility and autonomy
More than 800 measurements on a single charged battery. If you want to print the results, the unit can be easily connected to a printer via Bluetooth without any wires.

Large volume of the memory
5 measuring programs and about 10000 results of measurements stored in the device. USB-interface allows you to synchronize data with your PC quickly and reliably.

Evaluation of tolerances conformity
Color display of measurement results depending on the tolerances to evaluate the results at a glance.

Highlighting the field of measurements
Transparent cover of the probe with backlight ensures precise positioning of the probe and a visual check of the measurement process.

All the necessary functions are available when connected to one USB port.
  • Charging the battery or DC power connection;
  • USB connection to the PC to transfer parameters and data of the profile;
  • External control using the foot switch (optional);
  • Remote control using EVOVIS mobile.

Shipping kit:
  • Probe for measuring roughness T1E;
  • Charger;
  • Lithium-ion battery (built-in);
  • USB-cable;
  • The housing of the probe;
  • The auxiliary prism for details of small sizes;
  • Calibration certificate;
  • User Manual;
  • Case for transportation and storage;
  • The certificate on metrological certification bodies State Standard of Ukraine;
  • Customer training.


EVOVIS mobile - program for the evaluation of roughness and contour.

The software is easy to use and offers a standardized interface for measuring roughness and contour, regardless of the configuration of the device. Simple icons are supported by integrated help function allows the user to use efficient tools of measurement and assessment in accordance with their own requirements.

Special abilities:
  • Specially developed software for working with portable measuring devices;
  • Online mode: management of W5, W10 or W20 connected to the PC is performed directly by the software;
  • Offline mode: the profile settings and data stored in the W5, W10 or W20 memory are transferred to the PC for further evaluation through software capabilities;
  • Individual creation of a plan for testing;
  • Master of the choice of measurement conditions;
  • More than 90 parameters for estimating ripple and roughness in accordance with EN ISO 4287, as well as other ISO and national standards (ASME, DIN, JIS, Motif, etc.);
  • Free print protocol design;
  • Electronic archiving of measurement protocols in pdf format and automatic saving function.
The printer to print output results of measurement HOMMEL-ETAMIC P5.

Convenient and compact thermal printer. By connecting your printer via Bluetooth interface is not limited to inconvenient wires, and the roughness is mobile, even if the measurements should be documented.

Easy handling
The special design makes filling the paper into the printer very simple. Simply insert the paper roll into the printer, close the cover and everything, ready to print.
The printer is fully controlled by a profilometer.

Strong and durable
Housing of impact resistant plastic allows you to use the printer in an industrial environment, and cost-effective power consumption of the printer allows you to print up to 5 rolls without recharging the battery.

Information Management Print
Measurement conditions, tolerances, measurement results, etc. All this can be output separately or simultaneously.

Supply kit:
  • HOMMEL-ETAMIC P5 with Bluetooth interface;
  • Charger;
  • The battery pack;
  • 5 rolls of paper;
  • User Manual.
The printer HOMMEL-ETAMIC P5 is supplied in a robust case.

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