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CERTUS (Ukraine-Taiwan)

Crane scales CERTUS TITAN Series СТ-P
Crane scales CERTUS TITAN Series СТ-P

Titan CT-P scales are designed for use in open areas under precipitation (snow, rain, fog) and dusty environment.

The results of weighing can be displayed on the portable terminal. Communication between the terminal and scales is via radio in a distance to 150 m. There are no indicators in the body of scales so it can increase the level of protection of scales and battery life.

Description of Certus Titan СТ-P cales

  • stock of the mechanical strength of metal constructions is 200% of scale capacity;
  • 360˚ swivel hook;
  • LCD terminal with backlit, height of symbols is 22 mm;
  • battery operating time: 100 hours of weighing without recharging;
  • operating temperature range: -10 ... +40 C;
  • range of the remote control – about 150 m to the weights;
  • class of protection IP66.

Description of the terminal

  • battery operating time with full charge: 12 hours in mode of work and 14 hours in sleeping mode;
  • main functions: different weighing units, zeroing, summation, calibration, “hold” function, changing the increment;
  • battery – 7,2 V 1,8 A/h;

Main functions of Certus Titan СТ-P scales P

  • tare sample up to 100% of capacity;
  • reload alarm;
  • automatic switching into the power-saving mode when the scales are not in work;
  • holding the mass of cargo;
  • summation of results of weighing.

Main specifications of CERTUS Titan СТ-P scales

Model Range of weighing Increment, kg
СТ-P– 3-1 20 kg … 3 t 1
СТ-P– 5-2 40 kg … 5 t 2
СТ-P– 10-5 100 kg … 10 t 5

Accuracy class "medium" according to ДСТУ EN 45501:2007.

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