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Crane scales / OCS (China)

Crane scales  / OCS
Crane scales / OCS

Electronic crane scales are used for static weighing of freights in the process of unloading and loading by crane with indication of the weighing results on the digital display.

There is an extra function of duplication the weighing results through the wireless transmission of data in real time on an additional remote indicator (display).


  • Case is made of aluminum alloy;
  • Hook rotated by 360 ˚ with an automatic latch;
  • Front panel is provided in Russian;
  • Remote control allows operation up to 10 m
  • Self-contained power, the recharged battery (6B/10Ah);
  • Operating temperature :-10 º ~ +40 º;
  • Protection type IP65.


    • HOLD function (averaging of weight);
    • Possibility of indication Gross/Net;
    • Function of weight accumulation (freight summation);
    • Function of calibration;
    • Preservation of top loads.


    Extra set of radio channel (a radio frequency identification tag and the duplicating display).
    Wireless data transmission up to 150 m.

    Model Capacity, kg Increment, kg
    BK III 3 000 1
    BK III 5 000 2
    BK III 10 000 5

    2 years warranty.

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