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Modern means of measuring equipment
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In the summer of 2010 successfully passed the state controlled trials of products manufactured by Bilanciai, Italy, and by EHP-Wagetechnik, Germany.

3 October 2010

Based on the positive results of state control tests conducted by SE Kharkivstandartmetrologiya, firm Bilanciai and EHP-Wagetechnik confirmed the metrological characteristics of their products:
- Transmitters weighing secondary D70 ..., D400 ..., D410 ..., D800 ..., sensors weighing tensoresistance compressive CPD and CPR (Italy);
- Crane Scales Electronic KGY ... / KGW ..., LDN ... / LD ..., LKe ... / LK ..., sensors weighing tensoresistance compressive BR ... (Germany).
At the same time were introduced in the state register SIT Ukraine:
- New versions of the secondary load converters - D1050 ..., DD1050 ..., other than a lot of features, design, number of connected sensors;
- New versions of load sensors tensoresistive Compression - CPD-M, CPR-M, differing in design, external protection, protection against rotation;
- New implementation of electronic crane scales KGY ... / KGW ..., LDN ... / LD ..., LKe ... / LK ..., differing in the Weighing, design, availability of multi-band weighting functions, as well as the opportunity to work as a Master-Slave system (weighing long and oversize cargo).

Confirmed that the technical and metrological characteristics of the above requirements of the current balance in Ukraine DSTU EN 45501:2007 «Priladi neavtomatichn zvazhuvaln. Zagaln tehnchn vimogi that technique viprobuvan (EN 45501:1992, IDT) ».
For all products, except sensors load tensoresistive compressive BR ..., the rooms the state register to change the year "07" to "10". Sensor BR ... room on the roster remains the same - U2510-07.