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Wagon scales KODA-W and platform scales CERTUS HERCULES successfully passed the UkrSEPRO certification

27 May 2011

In May, the wagon scales for static weighing KODA-W and electronic platform scale CERTUS HERCULES successfully completed a voluntary UkrSEPRO certification confirming that products meets all the requirements of normative documents of Ukraine, which apply to these products. Certification of the scales was carried out in accordance with DSTU 3413-96 "UkrSEPRO system. The procedure of product certification."
On the positive results of certification by an accredited certification body have been issued certificates of compliance UkrSEPRO:
- UA1.007.0065268-11 (for KODA-W)
- UA1.007.0065269-11 (for CERTUS HERCULES),
and UA Compnu KODA Ltd has the right to use the national mark of conformity UkrSEPRO for car scales KODA-W and electronic floor scales CERTUS HERCULES.
   For Ukraine, the certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO - its own standard of product quality, to having the credibility of the certification level of the ISO 9000 for the western countries, but which is totally self-contained. If the ISO certification is a system of quality control over production, the certificate UkrSEPRO assures product quality.