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KODA improves cooperation with European partners

7 July 2011

In May 2011 a meeting of representatives of Hommel-Etamic (Germany) was held. Traditional event took place during one of the most prestigious annual metrological exhibition Control 2011, in Stuttgart, Germany. In the meeting  the development strategy of company for the next 10 years was represented, and formulated the key challenge: maintaining the leading position among the manufacturers of systems for monitoring and a full analysis of the roughness of the surface shape of products for various industries. Industrial production growth in 2010 also allowed the company Hommel-Etamic to achive leading positions in sales of specialized measurement systems for analyzing topography of engine components; roughness and profile testers of Hommel-Etamic more than 20 years do not have analogues on the market.

During the Control-2011 the company introduced several new products, the most anticipated was HommelTester W5, replacing the world-famous model profilometer HommelTester T500, which was issued for more than 20 years. All the novelties presented at the exhibition, you can find in the Highlights 2011. This and other equipment of Hommel-Etamic can be purchased from our company that is the authorized representative of the Hommel-Etamic in Ukraine.

The company KODA in co-operation with Hexagon Metrology Group (vice-president Mr. Marco Pelissero, general director of the subsidery in Poland, Mr. Witold Siemieniako) with support from Galika AG (Switzerland) have arrange the meeting of representatives of key enterprises of mining machinery in Ukraine with Polish colleagues from the production plants of FIAT and Catterpillar. The meeting was aimed to learn about the experience of application of coordinate measuring machines and other modern metrology equipment of Hexagon Metrology by leading manufacturers of car industry and manufacturer of parts for industrial machines in Poland. The organization of production and the technical control department, as well as the functioning of the quality management system were discussed.

We are pleased to remind that company Hexagon Metrology is the largest manufacturer of measurement equipment in the world(CMMs, laser trackers, coordinate measuring arms, etc.).

UA Company "KODA" ltd in partnership with Hexagon Metrology DEA (Turin, Italy) get acquainted the key customers of these systems in Ukraine with the production cycle of coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

In 1963, DEA was the first company in the world who has developed and patented 3D measuring system for controlling the geometry of three-dimensional parts and since that time is a leader in the manufacture and sales of coordinate measuring machines for various industries. Hexagon Metrology CMMs currently represent a wide range of machines: from small portal to large-sized bridge and a series of horizontal arm CMM for the automotive industry. The company has shown the new products of DEA 2011: CMM, lines Global Silver Edition, new design of software PC-DMIS.