ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Weighbridges, platform and wagon scales successfully confirmed compliance with current standards and technical regulations in Ukraine

5 November 2012

Based on the positive results of state control tests conducted by the State Enterprise "Harkovstandartmetrologiya" Weighbridges (KODA-A), platform scales (KODA-P) and wagon scales (KODA-W and KODA-WD) produced by UA Company KODA Ltd successfully confirmed the metrological characteristics and compliance with the new applicable standards and technical regulations in Ukraine.

In all types of scales were added to new versions, hardware and software to perform a multi-interval weighing and still meet all the requirements of DSTU EN 45501:2007.

Scales included in the state register of measuring equipment of  Ukraine under the following new numbers:

1. Weighbridges for static weighing KODA-A - I 1989-12.

2. Platform scale for static weighing KODA-P - U1990-12.

3. Wagon scales for static weighing KODA-V - U2050-12.          

4. Wagon scales for weighing in statics and dynamics KODA-WD - U3046-12.