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NEW product line of mobile roughness testers 2013 - HOMMEL-ETAMIC W10 and W20.

23 September 2013

Updated product line of mobile roughness testers by Hommel Tester (Jenoptik Industrial Metrology Hommel-Etamic, Germany). NEW  2013 - HOMMEL-ETAMIC W10 and W20.

KODA company is an official representative of the company Jenoptik Industrial Metrology (Germany ) in Ukraine. We are pleased to present you a new model of mobile roughness tester (device for roughness and waviness measuring, contour control of finished surface).

Following the HOMMEL-ETAMIC W5 model (which replaced bestseller of 2011 Hommel-Tester T500) two new models entered to the market of measuring equipment HOMMEL-ETAMIC W10 and W20, which become updated versions for devices Hommel-Tester T1000 basic and Hommel-Tester T1000 wave.

The older models still will be supported in spare parts for at least for 10 years. Selling of new models started in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in September 2013.

It should be noted that the new devices have kept the best design features and significantly outperform competitors on price, technical innovation and functionality. So, the best technologies available at the moment are used in the new W20: wireless sensor module and the measuring station, the power is supplied by the latest generation batteries; mathematical metrology software includes all the changes in the standards related to the roughness and waviness. Gauge modification has not changed, so the gauges of previous series could be used with the modificated instrument.  The cost of the new line of devices is about 10%  lower  than the T1000 basic and T1000 wave.

We believe that the new devices will win the customers’ confidence, as the model W5 did.

The full specification can be found on our website or directly from our managers.

W5 mobile roughness testers are always in our warehouse. New models will be introduced by our company  at the next exhibitions .