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New generation of portable measuring arms ROMER Absolute Arm (Hexagon Metrology)

25 April 2014

We glad to inform you that from April 2014 Hexagon Metrology begins providing updated third generation coordinate measuring arms ROMER Absolute Arm.

Company KODA is an exclusive supplier of ROMER Absolute Arm measuring systems for Ukrainian enterprises.

Among the main innovations in the new version of the measuring arms should be noted:

  1. Improved construction of the arm allowed to reduce the influence of ambient temperature on the accuracy of measurements;
  2. Improved ergonomics of control elements allows to reduce fatigue of the operator during long work with the measuring arm;
  3. Tactile feedback added for  more accurate measurement of control points in a noisy environment;
  4. Improved construction counterbalance to reduce the inertia of the measuring arm elements during operation;
  5. For more convenience in models with integrated scanner geometry and design of  handgrip changed.

In addition, all measuring arms of the new version are black and marked with a new logo of Hexagon Metrology.

File with the presentation of the updated equipment can be downloaded from our website at this link.

For more information, please contact us.