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Modern means of measuring equipment


New indicating and ajustment devices

27 June 2014

VEGA company presents two new compact hermetic indicating devices and adjustment of VEGA instruments and other manufacturers.

The VEGADIS 81 is an external, digital display and adjustment unit for all VEGA sensors. The instrument is mounted in a distance of up to 50 m away from the sensor where it is easily accessible. It allows you to display measured values ​​and perform remote configuration and diagnostics of VEGA  equipment using the convenient menu in Russian. Does not require external power. Can be used in field conditions. Display can be rotated around the housing.

The VEGADIS 82 is suitable for measured value indication and adjustment of 4 … 20 mA sensors with  HART protocol. The instrument can be looped in any position directly in the signal cable. It operates as pure display instrument in a 4 … 20 mA current loop.