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New model of crane scales KGW (EHP Wagetechnik GmbH (Germany)

20 August 2015

EHP Wagetechnik GmbH (Germany) company presents a new model of scales series KGW with 150 tons maximum limit weighing and accuracy of ± 50 kg for hard operating conditions. Scale KGW-150 are made in a unique design with two quick-release clips and a special double hook to capture the traverse. Scales of such modification could be applyed in all industries, which require highly accurate and reliable measurements during weighing and dosing of liquid metal. Scales provide stable operation in industrial conditions, have reliable design and optimal price/performance ratio.


For more information about the technical characteristics of scales series KGW, and other scales of EHP Wagetechnik GmbH (Germany) you can find on our website or consult with our specialists.