ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Modernisation of coordinate measuring machines

19 January 2016

We are glad to announce that a group of engineers of our company received accreditation from our partners - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence DEA in procedure of the modernization of coordinate measuring machines. The training consisted of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the application of universal CMM controller - DEA RC1 in the modernization projects of the old measuring machines.


Special controller for retrofits RC1 (retrofit controller) developed by engineers of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence DEA corporation and was introduced to the market in mid-2014. At the moment this is the only complete solution for comprehensive modernization of operating systems obsolete measuring machines. To date, in the world were realized dozens of successful projects on the modernization of coordinate measuring machines from different manufacturers.


RC1 provides a single platform for full interaction with coordinate measuring machine. The system includes:


  • Control block of stepper motors;
  • Processing the output signals movement sensor modules (including control of swithces and reference marks);
  • Temperature sensors control system (in the case of work with temperature-compensated geo-metric parameters of CMM);
  • Control module of touch sensor and rotary measuring heads;
  • Controller of signals from external devices (pressure sensors in pneumatic CMM, emergency stop button, control-reject barrier, etc.).
  • A unique system for connecting third-party CMMs with the function of an independent adjustment of input and output signals.


In addition, the RC1 has the unique ability automatically configure the control parameters of non-standard controllers, allowing to breathe life into outdated third-party CMMs and lesser-known manufacturers.


New specialized software R_Tune can automatically adjust the control parameters of the CMM. Starting from theoretically possible speed of movement, acceleration, motor current, types of lines and to calculate the unknown parameters, such as tachometer signals, the speed and positioning accuracy, resolution of lines, etc. R_Tune allows in approximately 20 minutes for each of the axes to calculate a huge number of parameters and coefficients of displacement systems, motor control, and to estimate the mass inertia of the mechanical construction, precision and vibration.


Thus, specialists of Company KODA are able as soon as possible carry out the modernization of obsolete and broken-down coordinate measuring machines from any manufacturer.


Modernization includes:

  • Complete analysis of CMM performance;
  • Selection of all necessary accessories and spare parts to restore it operation (including the necessary connecting cables);
  • Connect the RC1, launch the CMM and its setting, followed by tests on the accuracy ISO 10360-2;
  • Provision of warranty and post-warranty support.