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CERTUS Scale certification

1 December 2016

Electronic scales CERTUS® successfully passed the certification in body of certification and conformity assessment "Metrology" NSC "Institute of Metrology". Based on the positive results were issued four certificates for a period of 10 years:

  1. The type-examination certificate № UA.TR.113-0010 / 01-16 from 29.06.2016, valid until 28/06/2026, the

  2. The type-examination certificate № UA.TR.113-0010 / 02-16 from 29.06.2016, valid until 28/06/2026, the

  3. The type-examination certificate № UA.TR.113-0010 / 03-16 from 29.06.2016, valid until 28/06/2026, the

  4. The type-examination certificate № UA.TR.113-0010 / 04-16 from 29.06.2016, valid until 28/06/2026, the

The certification covered the electronic scales of high accuracy classe have been certified (according to DSTU EN 45501 and GOST DSTU OIML R 76-1) BALANCE and middle-class accuracy: BASE (desktop), HERCULES (outdoor), TRADE (Trade).

Electronic scales CERTUS® comply with the following technical regulations:

  • Technical regulations of non-automatic weighing instruments.

  • Technical regulations of electromagnetic compatibility of equipment.

  • Technical regulations of low voltage electrical equipment.

In accordance with the requirements of technical regulations of non-automatic weighing instruments electronic scales CERTUS® during the sale must have the following certificates, documents and marking:

  1. The type-examination certificate (mentioned earlier).

  2. Certificate of Conformity (issued on the basis of positive results on the F module Technical Regulations Assessment).

  3. The declaration of conformity.

  4. Additional metrological marking.

  5. Operating Instructions, embossed stamp verification (based on the positive results of the Technical Regulations on the F module assessment).

In accordance with section IV of article 16 of the Law of Ukraine on metrology and metrological activities (entered into force on 01.01.2016) scales, which have passed the assessment of conformity with the technical regulations, are designed for use in the field of legally regulated metrology, namely for commercial weighing of various cargoes ( materials, semi-finished and finished agricultural and industrial products) in trade, transportation, harvesting and processing industry, agriculture, food and other industries, medical and research institutions.


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