ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Industrial weighing systems department together with Automation department prepared for introduction a new weighting indicator DD1010 (Manufacturer - BILANCIAI, Italy)

5 May 2017

Modern development of BILANCIAI is a compact (120х250х232 mm) industrial computer with Windows CE operating system, designed to solve a wide range of tasks related to mass measuring.

Main advantages:

1) Security of data and communication lines, lack of access by operators and unauthorized persons to the operating system, files, impossibility of installing third-party software;

2) DD1010 is ideally suited for the role of the core of the KODA software and hardware complex, providing responsible weighing, protected from abuse, theft, falsification and other extraneous influences.

3) Convenient color touch screen (115 x 90 mm);

4) Ability to connect external devices (printer, mouse, keyboard);

5) 2 weighing channels (possibility of using one device with two scales);

6) Weight channels are structurally built-in boards, as a result of which the device can be equipped with 2 digital or 2 analog channels;

7) Ability to install the existing software of weighbridges, wagon scales (including with the function of determining the displacement of the center of gravity of the wagon), scales for weighing in dynamics, metering systems;

8) Ability to develop non-standard software, for example, taking into account specific tasks and individual requirements of the Customer;

9) Ability to apply a wide range of communication protocols to external networks and devices without using  additional equipment;

10) Ability to transfer information directly to the Customer´s accounting software (eg 1C);

11) Ability to work in a group, including distributed powers;

In a weighted room, equipped with DD1010, you do not need a PC, so the operator will not be distracted by the Internet, computer games, watching movies and photos, listening to music, etc., but will only deal with their immediate work.