ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


A new weighing terminal DD700, BILANCIAI has been certified.

7 December 2017

KODA company for the first time in Ukraine certificated a new weighing terminal of BILANCIAI DD700, designed to replace the currently widely used device D400.
This weighing indicator belongs to a new generation of devices and combines the merits of the D400 as reliability, accuracy, ease of use with a number of innovations that first appeared in the BILANCIAI budget series.
The possibilities of self-diagnostics and diagnostics of the whole system have been greatly expanded, a number of widely used industrial interfaces have been added for connection with a PC, built-in WiFi access point, there is the possibility of maintaining user databases, and for convenience, a USB keyboard can be connected.
And the novelty is the function of customizable shortcut buttons and custom messages.