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Modern means of measuring equipment


KODA Company has opened a training and exhibition center "Synergy", created on the basis of NTU "KhPI"

18 January 2018

On January 16, "Synergy" opened - scientific training and exhibition center of modern measuring systems, created by KODA company on the basis of the National Technical University.  In "Synergy" it is possible to see the newest equipment of industrial metrology of the leading European brands. KODA company is an official supplier of this metrological equipment.
Among other things, Synergy presents such equipment:
1. Testing machine DEA Global Performance (Italy)
2. Absolute tracker Leica AT403 (Switzerland)
3. 3D scanner Artec Eva (Luxembourg)
4. Coordinate measuring arm Romer ARM 7325 (France)
5. Projector TESA (Switzerland)
6. Jenoptik roughness measuring instruments (Germany)
7. Measuring instrument TESA (Switzerland)
8. Renishaw XL-80 laser interferometer (Great Britain)
9. VEGA level gauges (Germany)
10. Manometers and thermometers WIKA (Germany)
11. Electronic weight components Bilanciai (Italy)
12. CERTUS scales (Ukraine-Taiwan)
The creation of "Synergy" is an important component of the social responsibility of business in the form of assistance to higher education of Ukraine in the training of specialists competitive in the labor market. Young specialists can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, working with the most advanced developments in the field of control and measurement systems.
Also on the basis of "Synergy" will be organized seminars and exhibitions for specialists of various enterprises of Ukraine to demonstrate the capabilities of equipment supplied by KODA and to assess the possibility of using similar equipment in the production process of Ukrainian enterprises.