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Software for counting scales

26 March 2018

The main instrument for packing identical in weight items are electronic counting scales

When a sales outlet or a small hardware store, the counting scales are sufficient: the seller has the opportunity to weigh the goods and quickly determine the exact number of small items required by the buyer.

In the presence of hundreds of items in the range of goods and a large number of operations, the "TPKODA" software developed by KODA will help you speed up the process of packing and marking on the counting scales.

The program maintains a database of goods and counterparts, a weight book, reports.

The label is customized to the format adopted by your company, allowing you to print the necessary information: date and time of weighing, name, net and gross weight, tare weight, document number, batch number, operator, company, bar code EAN13 V11, customer,

The program for counting scales is connected to the weights of well-known brands - BILANCIAI (Italy), CERTUS® (Ukraine-Taiwan), CAS (South Korea), HBM (Germany), KODA (Ukraine).



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