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KODA invites to the exhibition "Engineering. Metallurgy - 2018"

27 April 2018

From 22 to 24 May in Zaporizhzhya, at the 70b Peromogy Street, an exhibition "Engineering. Metallurgy - 2018" will be held.

KODA Company will gladly show everyone who wants the products of leading world manufacturers of high-precision equipment at its stand, and our experts will answer all your questions.


At our stand it will be:
  • Measurement and signaling equipment for VEGA (Germany), as well as automation and accounting systems in various industries.
  • WIKA pressure and temperature measurement equipment (Germany). Manometers and thermometers, electronic transducers of pressure and temperature, calibration equipment.
  • Flowmeters and rotameters from ASA s.r.l. (Italy) to measure the flow of different types of liquids and gases that are transmitted through pipes of both large and small diameters.
  • CERTUS scales (Ukraine/Taiwan)