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KODA took part in the XVII International Industrial Forum

27 November 2018

KODA, one of the leading suppliers of control and measuring equipment in the Ukrainian market, took part in the XVII International Industrial Forum. The exhibition was attended by representatives of more than 500 companies from 32 countries.

At the exhibition stand of company KODA was presented:

  1. Renishaw equipment (UK): measuring systems for diagnostics, evaluation of operational characteristics and accuracy, calibration of metal-cutting machines and coordinate-measuring machines (CMM); contact sensors and measuring heads for CMM; systems of scanning and digitization; sensors for measuring and adjusting machines; Measuring probes and accessories for Renishaw sensors; displacement measurement system for controlling linear, angular and planar positioning.
  2. High-precision instrument Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland) and Hexagon MI STANDARD GAGE.
  3. Devices for control of roughness, waviness, micro-and macro-profile from Jenoptik Industrial Metrology Germany Gmbh (Germany): profilometers W5, W10, etc.
  4. 3D scanning equipment: Riftek sensors and scanners (RB), ARTEC white light scanners (USA).
  5. Coordinate measuring machines Hexagon MI DEA, LEITZ, ROMER, LEICA.
  7. Crane scales for heavy industrial conditions from the world leader of the crane scales production market - the EHP Wägetechnik GmbH company (Germany).
  8. Electronic scales from CERTUS (Ukraine): laboratory, desktop, commercial, platform, counting, medical.
  9. Equipment for measuring and signaling level of substances from VEGA company (Germany). Level gauges and level switches, data processing and display systems.
  10. Equipment for measuring pressure and temperature from WIKA (Germany). Pressure gauges and thermometers, electronic pressure and temperature converters, calibration equipment.
  11. Flowmeters and rotameters from ASA s.r.l. (Italy) to measure the flow rate of various types liquids and gases transmitted through pipes of both large and small diameters.
  12. Automatization and accounting systems for various industries. Specialized industrial and scientific measuring systems.
  13. A wide range of weighing equipment: Automobile scales; wagon scales for weighing in the statics and dynamics; hopper scales, dispensers, platform scales; kits for the modernization of existing mechanical and electronic scales manufactured by Bilanciai (Italy); special weighing systems.



Following the results of the exhibition, we want to thank the visitors of the exhibition, our friends and partners who visited our stand.

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