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Weighing indicator D410 BILANCIAI is already on sale

31 January 2019

Weighing indicator D410 BILANCIAI is already on sale.

We draw your attention to the receipt of BILANCIAI products (Italy), in particular weight indicators D410, which are supplied to Ukraine for the first time. The D410 has identical sizes with the D400, which makes it easy to fit into the same place. Such replacement adds a significant update to the functionality of the scales: ability to enter text information from the alphabet and numeric keypad, print checks and reports on the printer, create a database with codes or names of goods.

The device is optimized for using it with bunker scales and dosing systems, in particular concrete units, packaging systems for building mixtures, and so on. To do this, it has the ability to connect the board with 2 input and 2 output programmable relays.

KODA recommends paying attention to the possibility of using weighing indicator D410 when purchasing new or repairing existing weighting systems.

The device is sold at a similar to D400 promotional price.