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A new version of the program for 3D scanning and data processing has been released - Artec Studio 14

6 June 2019

Key benefits of Artec Studio 14

- High accuracy

Regardless of whether you choose the “Autopilot” mode or manual processing, you can be sure that the accuracy of the model will be very high.

Advantages of the “Autopilot” mode: the optimal algorithms for post-processing the surface of the object are automatically applied to achieve the best result; fully automatic processing timeline; ideal for beginners and saves time for advanced users.

- Advanced settings

Artec Studio has a set of advanced settings, which gives experienced users complete control over processing and extensive editing options.

- Speed ​​priority

Powerful data processing technology takes seconds. Automated functions to save time.

- Create and work with large amounts of data

Artec Studio is so powerful that it allows you to work with data up to 500 million polygons. The perfect tool for scanning large objects and creating high-resolution 3D models.

- Full compatibility with CAD

The ability to create a 3D model in Artec Studio and export it directly to SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and Design X.

An elementary way to export to various formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, PTX, BTX, AOP, ASCII, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB.

- Scans without glare

The algorithm based on the principle of physically-correct rendering (PBR) automatically eliminates scans from glare, saving a lot of time. Easy 3D scanning of black, shiny and narrow surfaces. Ideal for 3D modeling, computer graphics and virtual reality.

- Mode "3D-radar"

Artec Studio will help you keep the scanner at the optimum distance from the object, displaying the read data in green. Bring the scanner a little closer and the image will turn red. Try to increase the distance to the object - and see the blue color of the image. For best results, work in the green range.

- Automatic removal of the stand

A clever stand removal algorithm automatically deletes the image of the surface on which the object was located, even if it is not perfectly flat, and also removes everything that is located below the stand. As a result, you get only the data you need without having to delete them during the editing process. 

- Mobility

A simpler and more affordable solution for in-field scanning. The program interface is optimized to work on the tablet. You can easily use all the Artec Studio tools and create great results on your tablet, taking advantage of greater mobility.

- Accelerated rendering for scanning large objects

Now scanning large objects in Artec Studio has become faster and easier, thanks to a new principle of memory usage.