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The PACTware VEGA DTM service software can save you money and time

22 July 2019

Regular testing of electrical systems is a rather unpopular task in many industrial companies, not least because regular proof tests often result in a costly process interruption with subsequent recalibration and reparameterization. That is why many companies often react only when a malfunction occurs. But not only is proof testing required by law. It helps to provide more protection and safety and, in terms of predictive maintenance, can also save costs in the long run.

For many VEGA sensors, the cost of such tests can be effectively reduced. Once triggered by the VEGA DTM, the field instruments run through the mandatory tests during system operation and the final results are displayed in the VEGA DTM. This provides maximum safety and fulfills all legal requirements. The latest DTM generation now goes one step further than its predecessors: It offers the option of printing the complete results report or saving it as a pdf document. This makes work easier for plant operators because the documentation is automatically done for them. The required documents are ready to go in a jiffy. Just sign them and you are done.

VEGA has been using the VEGA DTM for years to document the parameter settings of its level and pressure sensors. The DTM also forms the basis for reliably diagnosing the instruments at any time and storing the entire data history on a laptop for longer periods. The intelligent test concept of VEGA instruments ensures that all self-test results are permanently available in the event memory.


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