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RS6 Laser Scanner — new flagship 3D scanner model for Absolute Arm 7-Axis coordinate measuring arms

2 August 2019

HEXAGON MI 3D RS6 scanner for the new generation of Absolute Arm coordinate arms allows you to get extremely high density point clouds with high speed and accuracy. The RS6 delivers unmatched performance over competitor systems through the use of SHINE technology, a suite of advanced algorithms. SHINE allows you to perform measurements with high quality and precision without requiring a reduction in linewidth and frame rate of scanning algorithms. SHINE allows you to perform measurements with high quality and precision, without requiring a reduction in line width and frame rate.

The RS6 laser scanner boasts a scan line width of 150 mm in the middle of the range, allowing you to increase the surface area by more than 30% at each scan compared to the previous generation Absolute Arm scanner. In this case, the frame rate is increased three times and is 300 Hz, which makes it possible to scan three times faster without losing the detail of the scan result.

The RS6 can be completely removed from the coordinate measuring arm in seconds, making it easier to use when the scanner is not in use. Thanks to its innovative, highly repeatable mounting system, the RS6 can be removed and installed without recalibration.

In addition, the RS6 features a unique workspace backlight that greatly simplifies scanner positioning in space relative to the scanned surface.

The scanner can already be ordered with the new Absolute Arm 7-Axis coordinate arms or as a upgrade kit for the current generation of Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems - contact KODA specialists!


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