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The state compensate 25-40% of the cost of the KODA weighbridges

9 August 2019

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by Decree No. 130 of 03/01/2017, approved a program under which the cost of agricultural machinery purchased from domestic producers is partially offset by the state budget. Compensation is provided on an irrevocable basis in the amount of (paragraph 10 of the Resolution No. 130):

- 25% - for agricultural producers. A legal entity and individual entrepreneurs can apply for this compensation, the main activity of which is the supply of agricultural goods (in accordance with the concept defined in paragraph 2.15 of the Law of June 24, 04 No. 1877-IV “On State Support of Agriculture of Ukraine”), which produced by them on their own or leased fixed assets, provided that the share of such goods is at least 75% of the value of all goods delivered by them during the previous 12 consecutive tax reporting periods together. As for the newly created enterprises, that is, those that operate less than 12 calendar months, for them, such a right is determined by the results of each separate reporting period (paragraph 3 of Resolution No. 130).

- 40% - for farms. Farms can receive, in addition to 25%, compensation in the amount of 15% of the cost of equipment under another budget program - 2801230 “Financial support for the development of farms”.

The basis is the cost of the equipment that is indicated in the acceptance certificate and other documents confirming its payment.

The Commission of the Ministry of Economic Development on the formation of the list of domestic machinery and equipment for the agro-industrial complex, the cost of which is partially offset by the state budget, included truck and car scales manufactured by KODA in it.

You can view the list on the official website of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the link.


Step 1.You pay for the scales produced by KODA, which are included in the list of equipment.

Step 2. KODA delivers equipment.

Step 3. The agricultural producer submits to the bank through which the equipment was purchased the following documents (paragraph 11 of Resolution No. 130):

  • an application for partial compensation in the form approved by Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of 04/18/17, No. 228*;
  • copy of payment order **;
  • acceptance certificate or consignment note of machinery and equipment (original);
  • an extract from the State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations of information that the enterprise is not in the liquidation stage, it has not initiated bankruptcy proceedings, has been declared bankrupt;
  • certificate of the absence of arrears of more than six months in taxes / fees / payments, which are controlled by the state;
  • consent to the disclosure by the Bank of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of information that is a bank secret or contains personal data in the form of a bank.
  • For additional compensation in the amount of 15% of the cost of purchased equipment, farms up to 500 hectares and revenues up to UAH 150,000 or farm cooperatives up to 100 hectares, additionally submit to the Bank a copy of the farm charter (for a legal entity) or a copy of the agreement on the establishment of a family farm (for farms created without acquiring the status of a legal entity in accordance with Article 81 of the Law of Ukraine "On Farms"). Documents confirming the ownership and / or use of the land. Application for agricultural compensation 15%.

* The day the acquisition of machinery and equipment is considered the date of full payment of the cost of machinery and equipment.

** Copies are submitted to the banks along with the originals (copies are certified by the signature of the authorized representative of the agricultural producer).

Important: A feature of compensation is that the acquisition of equipment and the receipt of compensation must be carried out through state-owned banks and banks, in the authorized capital of which 75 percent or more belong to the state (hereinafter - the bank) (paragraph 11 of Resolution No. 130). Thus, you can apply for compensation in PJSC CB Privatbank, PJSC Sberbank, PJSC Ukreximbank, PJSC JSB Ukrgasbank.

Step 4. The Bank provides the Ministry of Agrarian Policy with information about the applicant (full name, EDRPOU code), type and brand of machinery and equipment, acquisition cost, amount of funds to be compensated (paragraph 12 of Resolution No. 130).

Step 5. The Ministry of agrarian policy forms the Register of agricultural producers who purchased machinery and equipment, and transmits it to the Ministry of economic development.

Step 6. Within the scope of open appropriations of the Ministry of agrarian policy, guided by the data of the Register, within a month transfers budgetary funds to the Bank.

Step 7. Within three banking days, the Bank transfers funds to the current accounts of the compensation recipients in proportion to the amounts specified in the Register.

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