ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


WIKA introduces a pressure gauge with a Bourdon tube for highly aggressive media (version from the Hastelloy group of alloys)

29 December 2020

For pressure measurement in processes with highly aggressive environment, WIKA offers a pressure gauge with a Bourdon tube in the PG28 model.

The wetted parts of this pressure gauge are made of a group of Hastelloy C276 alloys, which are highly resistant to chlorine gas, hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid.

Users get a corrosion-resistant measuring solution with an excellent price / quality ratio, which does not require a large space to install. The PG28 model is available with a measuring scale range from 0... 0.6 bar to 0... 700 bar. Its body (nominal sizes 100 and 160) is optionally available with hydraulic filling and in the "S3" safe version.

Other versions of the device are suitable for use with sulfur dioxide and in accordance with the requirements of ATEX and NACE.

The PG28 model expands the existing range of products made from the Hastelloy group of alloys.

WIKA offers a solution for any possible application of mechanical devices in pressure measurement.