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HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C500

JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany (Germany)

HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C505 / С510 / С514
HOMMEL-ETAMIC Opticline C505 / С510 / С514

Measuring capabilities of model installations opticline C505, C510 and C514 make them ideal for parts such as gear shafts, camshafts and cardan shafts up to 500 mm in length, a maximum diameter of 140 mm and weight up to 15 kg.

The device is equipped with a mobile stand an excellent solution in production conditions. The measuring station can be used to measure objects at various sites. The stand provides additional protection from the influence of the environment. It also has spacious and lockable compartments for storing accessories and clamping devices.

These units are equipped with a system of high-resolution cameras, which ensures high accuracy of measuring parts with minimal tolerances.

System benefits:

  • Full measurement in a few seconds;
  • High resolution and accuracy;
  • Low operating costs and virtually no wear;
  • Automatic measurement operation;
  • Enclosed housing with doors, optionally with motorized opening / closing drive;
  • Intuitive and simple TURBO OPTIC software.


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Model С505 С510 С514
Limits of measurement
Diameter, mm: 0,2 - 50 6 - 100 0,2 - 140
Length*, mm: 550 550 500
Diameter, mm: 150 150
Length*, mm: 550 530
Gravity, N: 150 150
Diameter, mkm:0,1 0,1
Length, mkm:0,1 0,1
Rotation, °: 0,018 0,0018
Accuracy / MPE **
Diameter, mkm: 2 + D [мм] / 100
Length, mkm: 5 + L [мм] / 100
Repeatable ***
Diameter, mkm: 0,5
Length, mkm: 3
Measuring, mm/s: Automatically optimized measurements:
10 - 80
Measuring rotation, r/s: 1
Positioning, mm/s: 200
Positional rotation, r/s: 1
Measurement time: Depends on the type and number of test characteristics
usually 3 … 30 s
Dimensions of the measuring system
[WxDxH], mm
Mass of the measuring system, N: 1 700 1 750 1 850
Interfaces of clamping devices
The lower Morse center: МК 2
The Morse cone: МК 2
Upper Center: Manual, 20 mm
Source of power
Connection AC-PH, N, PE
Voltage, V: 230 / 115
Frequency of mains, Hz: 50 / 60
Power consumption, kVA: 1,5
Fuse, A: 16

* - Between the tips of the standard supply set. The length can be reduced depending on the clips.

** - Surface of polished part, ambient and object temperature 20°C ± 1°C.
Changes in ambient temperature of less than 0.5°C/h, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10360 or VDI / VDE 2617.
Mechanical environmental conditions according to DIN EN 30721-3-3, class 3M2.

*** - With 25-times measurements on the surface of polished parts (according to VIM).

Examples of using the Opticline C500 system:

  • Measurement of a detail of a steering control of the car;

  • Measuring the toothed shaft;

  • Measuring the articulated shaft;

Accessories and clamping devices:

There is a wide choice of clamping devices, which guarantees reliable fastening of the shafts. Flexible holders MK 2 (with a cone of Morse 2) allow you to adapt the system to measure different objects.

Below are the most commonly used fasteners and clamping chucks:

  • Various fastening tips;

  • Variants of fastening inserts;

  • Clamping chucks and face plates.

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