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Optical absolute linear encoder RESOLUTE UHV with RTLA scale in FASTRACK guides and with self-adhesive RTLA-S scale

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

Encoder RESOLUTE UHV with RTLA scale in FASTRACK guides and with self-adhesive RTLA-S scale
Encoder RESOLUTE UHV with RTLA scale in FASTRACK guides and with self-adhesive RTLA-S scale

FASTRACK is Renishaw´s revolutionary linear encoder linear fastening system in guides that combines accuracy of 5 μm/m with strength of stainless steel and quick and easy installation of the encoder system.

FASTRACK system allows quick disassembly and replacement of the scale even in conditions of limited access, which makes it very convenient for large machine tools, separated into parts for transportation to the final installation site, or in places of damage risks.

FASTRACK system is designed for applications where a high-precision, easily removable scale is required, and consists of two miniature but sturdy guides. These guides securely hold Renishaw´s new thin scales (with a cross-section of 8×0.2 mm) and allow unimpeded expansion of the scales with their own coefficient of thermal expansion; with virtually no hysteresis. For example, the hysteresis value in the case of a 2-meter axis clamped in the center is the fraction of micron within the entire operating temperature range. A damaged large-scale tape can be pulled out of the guides and replaced quickly, even in conditions of limited access, which reduces the machine´s downtime.

The maximum length of the scale currently produced is 10 m.


Built-in LED
head position indicator:
Measuring range, m: up to 10
Length, m: guides FASTRACK from 0,1 to 25
optic scale RTLA 0,1 to 10
optic scale RTLAS from 0,1 to 5
Resolution, nm: 1, 5, 50, 100
Scale step, μm: 30
Max speed, m/s:: 100
Clearance between reading head
and optical scale, mm:
0,6 0,15
System accuracy at 20 C, μm/m: 5
Scale option: RTLAS (self-adhesive)
RTLA (with system of guides FASTRACK)
Coefficient of thermal expansion, μm/m/: 10,6
Supply voltage, V: 5 10 %
Current consumption (with load), mA: 250
Protocol: BiSS, FANUC, Siemens DRIVECLiQ, Mitsubishi, Panasonic
Material: guides FASTRACK stainless steel
optic scale RTLA stainless steel
optic scale RTLAS stainless steel
Cable: braided copper cable, shielded in one layer with silver foil, FEP-insulation of cores, deposited on tinned (tin-covered) copper wire
Mass, g/m: cable 19
guides FASTRACK 24
optic scale RTLA 12,2
optic scale RTLAS 12,9
Mass, g: reading head 19
Temperature, : process from 0 to + 75
storage from 0 to + 80
sintering + 120
Degree of protection: IP30
Maximum moisture
(estimated at up to + 40 C, without condensation), %:
Acceleration, m/s 2: 500
Impact (in non-operating state,
6 ms, half-sinusoidal impulse), m/s 2:
Vibration (in operation mode, at 55 - 2000 Hz), m/s 2: not more than 100

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