ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Hexagon MI DEA (Italy)


TIGO SF is multifunction airless coordinate measuring machine with high performance. Its robust and reliable design promotes extremely precise measurements, and innovative management principle simplifies dimensional control of industrial parts and makes the world of metrology accessible to everyone.

TIGO SF - is precise and compact 3D-coordinate measuring machine (CMM), specially designed for use in industrial environments and is fully protected by a casing and bellows. TIGO SF is an ideal solution for measuring of wide range of high-precision parts of small and medium size for all industries. The machine is characterized by a zone measuring 500×580×500 mm (X/Y/Z) and is the most accurate CMM in its category.

TIGO SF - is a universal solution for measurements in production areas: in the standard configuration, the controller and the PC are mounted in the housing base of the machine, and the monitor and keyboard positioned on a tripod with a swivel for maximum ergonomics and the minimum occupied by the surface area. This stand-alone compact configuration allows you to move the machine easily with a forklift, in accordance with the changing production needs.

Cantilever machine design TIGO SF provides full access on three sides and optimum ease of handling and programming of their details. Often located holes in the desktop of thick granite allow to install parts quickly and easily.

In the standard configuration the machine is equipped with TIGO SF stationary measuring head HP-S-X1C, which allows scanning continuously and make sequential measurements at certain points with high speed and accuracy. Furthermore, there is a variant with indexable measuring head HH-A, capable of measuring features of structures with different orientations without complicated star-shaped probe or turntables.

Enhanced compensation of temperature design allows precise measurements in the range from 15 to 30°C. Enclosures and bellows fully protect the moving parts of the machine from contamination. The body of the machine´s basement, which the electronic equipment contain, is also available with degree of protection IP54. Passive damping devices protect the machine from most vibration characteristic of the production halls. Additional protection can be provided by active damping devices.

The TIGO SF offers a new way to interact with guild measurement devices, based on the software PC-DMIS TOUCH, designed for touch screens and operating systems of last generation. The graphical user interface consists of a set of simple-to-understand graphic elements and commands, which makes use of the software intuitive. For more complex tasks, you can use the already traditional software PC-DMIS and QUINDOS.

Features and benefits of the CMM:
  • The measurement zone: 500×580×500 mm;
  • The best performance among the machines of this class;
  • Best value for the measurement area and the occupied surface area;
  • Linear rolling guides on all axes, the use of air is not required;
  • Granite work table with frequent arranged holes for easy mounting of parts;
  • The design of the machine is protected from dust by bellows and housings;
  • The technology of temperature compensation using multiple sensors;
  • Continuous scans and sequential measurements at individual points via the scanning head HP-S-X1C;
  • The device for changing tools HP-S-X1C, build-in inside the frame CMM;
  • For maximum versatility there can be used indexable head HH-A in increments of 5° with probe HP-TM;
  • New durable and ergonomic control Jog-box;
  • The touch screen and keyboard are conveniently located on the build-in tripod with hinge joint;
  • Multicolored LEDs clearly display the status of the measurement process (Optional);
  • Available housing base of the machine with the degree of protection IP54 (Optional);
  • Passive damping device (there is also a possibility to install active damping devices).

More information about the software for working with this equipment can be found in the section "Software and Automation Systems" or go to: Software for CMM, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

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