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TESA StatExpress

Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland)

TESA StatExpress
TESA StatExpress

TESA StatExpress

This specialized software allows you to add quality control to your production process, during which you can easily download check cards, create reports, exchange data or store them.

StartExpress is compatible with all TESA products - from callipers and ending with coordinate measuring machines or video-measuring systems. As an integrated component, DataDirect provides the necessary flexibility for convenient data transfer to most electronic measuring instruments available on the market.

Using StatExpress, you can create protocols that include measured values obtained with one or more handheld devices, assign tolerances, calculate statistical data, print various protocols of measurements, calculate control XR-charts, and much more.

The software package includes:

  • CD for installing software;
  • Hardware USB key;
  • User´s guide in PDF format.

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