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Absolute scanner Leica LAS-20-8

Hexagon MI Leica (Switzerland)

Absolute scanner Leica LAS-20-8
Absolute scanner Leica LAS-20-8

Optimized for manual testing operations and having excellent performance in contactless control of arbitrary-shaped surfaces, the LAS-20-8 hand-held laser features convenient functions:

  • LAS-20-8 automatically adjusts the intensity of the laser radiation, depending on the material and light, which allows you to obtain dimensional data even on shiny metallic or dark objects without wasting time on surface preparation.

  • Calculated for fast switching from one monitoring technology to another, the LAS-20-8 scanner is automatically recognized by the laser tracker, providing a smooth transition from measurement to reflector, to a contact sensor or scanner, making it an excellent addition to the Leica T-Probe.

  • You can also use the main scanner button to select customizable, predefined measurement profiles that allow you to use the optimal settings for each part of the detail without having to make any changes to the software.

The scanner has a built-in backlight and three angle indicators to ensure correct positioning in order to obtain the best scan results. Visual, acoustic and tactile indicators allow you to see, hear and sense the feedback signal from the scanner, which gives complete confidence in the actions performed. With an IP50 rating and battery-powered, the LAS-20-8 is a hand-held scanner that can be used any where.

Battery power
Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-20-8 can operate with battery power and requires only a network cable connection, which ensures full portability and measurement by the laser scanner on the go.

Automatic adjustment for surface type
The operating principle of the "flying point" allows the LAS-20-8 scanner to automatically adjust the intensity of laser radiation depending on the type of surface, providing the best possible readings without additional effort on the part of the user.

Self-Identifying sensor
LAS-20-8 laser scanner is automatically recognized by the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 tracker, which allows you quickly switch from 3D scanning to measurement by contact and with a reflector.

Changing the measurement profile on the scanner
With the LAS-20-8 main button, preset scan modes can be selected, which provides quick access to the required measurement profile and does not require software adjustments.

Multisensory feedback
LAS-20-8 combines tactile, acoustic and visual feedback signals, which allows the instrument to be brought to the optimal measuring position with minimal preparation.

Robust construction with IP50 protection class
Designed to provide durability and reliability in harsh industrial environments, the LAS-20-8 with IP50 protection class makes it possible to perform laser scanning wherever it is needed.

RDS programming interface
Based on proven solutions of the RDS software interface used on handheld Hexagon MI handhelds, the LAS-20-8 allows the use of existing experience of system checks, compensation and certification.

Measurement volumes (diameter)

Absolute Tracker model Leica Maximum operating range of an absolute scanner Leica LAS-20-8
AT960-MR 20 m
AT960-LR 40 m
AT960-XR 60 m


Parameter Value
Size / mass of the scaner (without cable): 300 × 201 × 140 mm / 0,94 kg
Size / mass of the controller: 226 × 146 × 91 mm / 1,9 kg
Maximum scanning distance, mm: 180
Working range, mm: ± 40
Maximum scan width (at maximum distance), mm: 220
Maximum sample rate, dots/s: 150 000 *
Maximum scanning frequency, Hz: 100 *
Maximum density of points (at the maximum distance), mm: 0,013 *
Scanner / controller security level: IP50 (IEC 60529) / IP30 (IEC 60529)

* Depending on the measurement mode.

System accuracy

Parameter Value
Error in measuring length in three-dimensional space (2σ): ± 60 mkm when the size less than 8,5 m
± 26 mkm + 4 mkm/м when the size more than 8,5 m
Error in measuring the radius of a sphere (2σ): ± 50 mkm when the size less than 8,5 м
± 16 mkm + 4 mkm/m when the size more than 8,5 m
± 85 mkm + 1,5 mkm/m
Error in measuring the surface of the plane (2σ): ± 80 mkm + 3 mkm/м

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