ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Resistance thermometer type TR12-B

WIKA (Germany)

Resistance thermometers of this series can be used in combination with a large number of protective sleeves designs. Replacement, located in the center, spring-loaded measuring insert, as well as extended spring travel enable you to combine it with the wide range of designs of connection heads.

For thermometers available a wide range of possible combinations of sensing element, connection head, dip length, neck length, connection to thermowell etc., so they are suitable for connection with various types of protective sleeves and find application in various fields.

Operation without the protective sleeve is only valid in special cases.

Resistance thermometer type TR12-B
Resistance thermometer type TR12-B


Parameter Value
Measuring range -200...+600 °C
Sensing element 1×Pt100, 2×Pt100;
Material of the parts, which are in contact with the measured medium stainless steel
Process connection М20×1,5, G½, NPT½
Protection class IP 65
Data sheet TЕ 60.17

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