ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Manual hydraulic pump type CPP700-H, CPP1000-H

WIKA (Germany)

Test pumps serve as pressure generators for the testing, calibration, and testing of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements.

CPP700-H and СРР1000-H was designed for tests in the field operation of measuring instruments, and as a source for creating pressure.

Ease of operation
When attaching a gauge or pressure transducer in conjunction with a standard tool of measuring the pressure pump, the system generates a reference pressure, physically the same for both measurement tools.

By comparison of the values of the reference check and constant measurement is determined by the error check tool of measurement.

Ease of use
Despite the small size air pump CPP700-H and СРР1000-N easy to work with and create necessary pressure. The pump has a valve stepless adjustment.

Pump has a valve stepless adjustment.

Medium can be water or mineral oil.

Exemplary tool of measuring pressure is installed on the pump, verifiable measurement tool via an adapter 1/4” internal thread, which is included into the supply kit.

Manual hydraulic pump CPP700-H, CPP1000-H
Manual hydraulic pump CPP700-H, CPP1000-H

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