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Hercules-Fasprint system for weighing and marking


Purpose and scope:

The FasPrint complex is intended for weighing, packing and marking of cargos, artificial products by self-adhesive labels, while simultaneously maintaining data on a computer.

FasPrint Complex consist of:

  • Trade scales CERTUS Hercules SNK (LCD)
  • TSC Label Printer
  • Smart Keyboard FP
  • Computer

Basic operating modes:

  1. Packing goods on scales. Scales and printer are connected to the keyboard. On the keyboard, we select the product code. We put the goods on the weights. Press the "print" button -> the printer prints the label (with a bar code, mass lifetime, etc.).
  2. Prepackage without weight. Printer is connected to the keyboard. On the keyboard, we select the product code. Enter the quantity (or weight) of the item. Press the "print" button -> the printer prints the label.
  3. Product marking without a computer. Used in warehouses (e.g. barcode labels and product information). Printer is connected to the keyboard. On the keyboard, we select the product code. Enter the number of copies of the label. Press the "print" button -> the printer prints the labels.

Printers TSC (thermal / thermal transfer, any print width) with an additional interface RS-232
Scales Trade, platform
Programs which can program products 1 7.7, 8.x, Torgsoft, Microinvest, MiniSoft and others.
Types of barcodes EAN13(+2,+5), EAN8, EAN128, Code39(49,93), UPC-A(E), Postnet, Telepen, MSI, Codabar and others.
Format of barcodes any, given by a mask, for example:28CCCCCWWWWW; 2400123WWWWW
Button Print 2 (for safety)
Automatic packaging by fixing mass
Types of mass printing Net, gross, container
Logo printing Yes

Number of goods up to 8 100 (depends on the number of label designs
Number of label designs 5000
Interface of communication with computer 1 USB or Ethernet (by order)
Communication interface with scales RS232
Interface of communication with printer RS232
Interface cables in a kit
Display LCD
Keyboard type mahanical
Firmware updates by USB / Ethernet
Power 220 V


  • the volume of goods memory: up to 8100 pcs .;
  • volume of label memory: more than 5000 pcs;
  • the ability to mark products from 1 gram to 50 tons;
  • printing of final labels
  • saving all packets to the computer
  • ability to print labels without connecting to scales (for piece goods) or introducing a mass of goods from the keyboard;
  • built-in real-time clock, time correction, date from the keyboard;
  • ability to program the number of workers shift from the keyboard;
  • printing service messages of service information on the printer;
  • free software "UniFasprint" for creating labels, product bases and control unit programming;
  • Flexible bar code format setting;
  • packing in automatic mode;
  • keypad with "Button Seal" back button (more than 2 million presses);
  • option: label separator, automatic cropper.

Scale list of CERTUS Hercules SNKs (LCDs) that are used as part of the complex

Execution Max*, kg Min, kg d=e, g Platform*, mm
-6020 60 0,4 20 400500
-15050 150 1 50 400500
-300100 300 2 100 400500
-15050 150 1 50 600800
-150100 300 2 100 600800
-500200 500 4 200 600800
-15050 150 1 50 800800
-150100 300 2 100 800800
-150200 500 4 200 800800
-1500500 1500 10 500 10001000
-20001000 2000 20 1000 10001000
-1500500 1500 10 500 12001200
-20001000 2000 20 1000 12001200
-30001000 3000 20 1000 12001200
-1500500 1500 10 500 15001500
-20001000 2000 20 1000 15001500
-30001000 3000 20 1000 15001500

* Max is the largest weighing limit. Min is the smallest weighing limit. D the valid price division. E - price of the verification division.
* Other combinations of maximum weighing limit and platform on request.

Description and function of scales:

Weight processor of scales has a liquid crystal display with turquoise illumination, 6 symbols indicating, height of symbols 30 mm; The case is made of ABS plastic. Degree of dust-moisture protection: IP 20. Additional protective plastic screen. Operating temperature range: -10 to +40. Power: from the mains through the 12 V adapter, 500 mA or from the battery 6V / 4Ah. Battery life 70 hours (without illumination). Interface RS 232 (COM port) is in stock. Functions of scales: automatic testing of the display, scales and zeroing of indications when scales is turned on. Signaling the stability of the readings on scales. Tare weight selection, gross / net determination. Summation function. Units of weighing: kilograms, grams. Semiautomatic zeroing, zero tracking. Standby mode. Overload Alarm

CERTUS HERCULES scales have been certified (Module B Compliance Assessment) by the Metrology Authority of the NSC "Institute of Metrology" in 2016

Scales meet the requirements of the current normative documentation of Ukraine

  • DSTU EN 45501
  • GOST OIML R 76-1
  • Technical regulations for non-automatic weighing instruments
  • Technical regulations on electromagnetic compatibility of equipment
  • Technical regulations for low-voltage electrical equipment

Scale documentation kit

  • Type-examination certificate No. UA.TR.113-0010 / 04-16 dated June 29, 2014, valid until June 28, 2026
  • Certificate of Conformity Declaration of Conformity, Operating Instructions with Retaining Stamp (based on the positive results of the assessment according to modules F of the Technical Regulation).

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