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Medical scales personal without height measure CERTUS Medical

CERTUS (Ukraine-Taiwan)

Medical scales Medical scales personal without height measure CERTUS Medical

The scales are designed for weighing people in medical institutions, sports clubs, sanatoriums, at home.

The scales are allowed to be used in the sphere of legally regulated metrology.

Accuracy class according to DSTU EN 45501 - medium (III).

Class in accordance with the technical regulations of medical devices - I.

Protection class against electric shock according to GOST - II.

Description and specifications:

  • Maximum weighing limit: 250 kg.
  • Platform: 37 × 37 cm.
  • Soft-touch covering of the platform.
  • Weighing terminal housing: ABS plastic.
  • Scales housing made of powder coating metal.
  • Sanitation, disinfection, irradiation with quartz is allowed.
  • Display: liquid crystal, with white backlight, symbol height 25 mm.
  • Operating temperature: from minus 10 to plus 40 .
  • Fast weighing: no more than 2 s.
  • Power supply from 220 V and battery (up to 50 hours).
  • Mass of scales: 12 kg.
  • Materials: materials of construction of scales do not have a dangerous and harmful effect on the human body and the environment under all operating conditions stipulated in the operating conditions, and also do not create fire and explosive situations.

  • BMI function: scales calculate the body mass index;
  • Net weight: displays net / gross weight;
  • Mass fixing: holding the weighing result on the display;
  • Increased precision weighing in the "10 times more accurate" mode.


  • 4 adjustable feet for leveling. Level indicator bubble.
  • Ability to mount the indicator on the wall.
  • RS 232 interface for connecting to a PC.
Model of the scales , kg in, kg Price division (e=d), Dimensions of the platform, mm
-250-100 without height measure 250 2 100 370370

Metrology and certification:

  • Accuracy class according to DSTU EN 45501: 2007: III (medium)
  • Certificate of Type Check: No. UA.TR.113-0010 / 04-16 of June 29, 2016.
  • Certificate of conformity: yes
  • Declaration of conformity: yes
  • User manual in Ukrainian with an impression of the verification stamp: yes

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