ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Universal software KODA.REFLEX 2D for operation on measuring microscopes

КОДА (Ukraine)


The universal software KODA.REFLEX 2D was developed by KODA company specially for work on universal measuring microscopes.

KODA.REFLEX 2D software is designed to meet the needs of users of universal microscopes and has the following advantages :

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Graphical representation of measured and constructed elements;
  • Simple icons allow the user to use effective measurement and evaluation tools in accordance with their own requirements
  • Evaluation of measurement results in accordance with tolerances displayed in compact form;
  • Electronic archiving of measurement protocols.
Basic Functionality :
  • Measuring primitives:
    - point;
    - straight;
    - circle,
    - arc.
  • Building primitives:
    - point of intersection of straight lines
    - midpoint between two points;
    - middle point of a straight line
    - straight line, perpendicular to the existing one, through the point;
    -straight line, parallel to an existing one, through a point;
    - middle line between straight lines
    - straight line perpendicular to the existing one, through its center;
    - circle by measured points;
    - circle around the centers of circles, etc.
  • Measurement parameters:
    - angle between two straight lines
    - perpendicularity of two straight lines
    - parallelism of two straight lines
    - distance between points or centers of circles;
    - radius or diameter of an arc and a circle
    - shape of an arc, a circle or a straight line, etc.
  • Graphical representation of measured and constructed elements;
  • Saving of measurement protocols, simple formation of the type of protocols;
  • Optional modules for special measurements (sieves, threads, etc.), additional analysis modules by order of users.

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