ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


VEGA (Germany)

Devices for signal processing and communication VEGAMET 862

The signal conditioning instrument VEGAMET provides the power supply 862 is connected to two sensors 4...20 mA / HART, processes the measured values and displays them. A large display for data visualization is built into the case, designed for field conditions. The device allows you to organize the management of actuators, pumps, measures the flow of water in open channels. Control is carried out using the 4 built-in keys or via the Bluetooth interface.
  • Input: 2 × 4 sensors...20 mA / HART, 4 × digital input
  • Analog Output: 3 × 0/4 current output...20 mA
  • Output selectable: 6 × operating relay, 1 × fault relay (instead of one of the operating relays)
  • Display: black and white graphic with multi-colored backlight
  • Housing: IP67 plastic
  • Installation: on the wall or on the pipe

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