ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Level switch VEGAPOINT 21

VEGA (Germany)

Capacitive level switches Level switch VEGAPOINT 21

The compact and inexpensive water-based liquid level indicator (DK > 1.5) fully meets the requirements of hygienic processes in the food, brewing and pharmaceutical industries. Can be used without adjustment after installation. Additional settings are made via the Bluetooth interface. With the IO-Link interface, it also offers continuous digital data transfer.
  • Application: water-based liquids
  • Connection: thread from G½, ½ NPT, Clamp from 1"
  • Operating temperature: -40...+115 °C
  • Working pressure: -1...+25 bar (-100...+2500 kPa)
  • Output signal: PNP/NPN transistor, IO-Link
  1. Thread G½, G1, G1 (DIN ISO 228/1) and plug connector M12 x 1 (housing: 316L and plastic)
  2. Thread G½, G¾, G1 (DIN ISO 228/1), and plug connector M12 x 1 (housing: 316L)
  3. Thread ½ NPT, ¾ NPT, 1 NPT and M12 x 1 male connector (housing: 316L and plastic)

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