ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Device for determining the flatness of road surface and base layers according to the IRI (International Roughness Index)

RadialTec DR-001/21
RadialTec DR-001/21

RadialTec DR-001/21 device is applied for diagnostics of road coverings and bases surface condition flatness according to SOE 45.2-00018112-078:2012 "Highways. Assessment of the road surfaces flatness according to the international indicator of evenness IRI" and national standard DSTU 8745: 2017. The device belongs to the profilometer class 2 and meets the requirements of Class 2 World Bank.

Measuring unit of the device is installed on the front or rear axle of the laboratory vehicle. The principle of operation of the device is based on the registration and evaluation of the longitudinal profile by processing the signals of a recording equipment complex consisting of: contactless laser distance sensor, accelerometer, inclinometer, GPS, distance sensor, etc. The system provides a self-calibration procedure before starting work.
The result of data processing using the software is an assessment of the longitudinal flatness of the road surface according to IRI (International Roughness Index). Obtained data serves for for monitoring the quality of new coatings, coatings after major, current and average repairs, as well as evaluating the flatness of road network coverage that is in operation.
The measurement results can be presented in the form of measurement reports and printed directly from the software product that is included with this device.

RadialTec DR-001/21 is applied for assessment of flatness by enterprises and organizations that control the flatness of road surfaces and base layers using road laboratories.

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